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Over 44 million Nigerians use the web. They use sites like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to find information about products and services that matter to them.

internet advertising services to Nigeria

It pays any serious person, business or organisation to advertise to Nigerians on the web. We can help you run targeted advertising to reach people relevant to you.

Targeted advertising on the web is much more efficient and cost-effective than traditional mass media advertising.

What is great about advertising on the web is that payment is according to clicks. This means that you pay Google, Facebook or LinkedIn only when your advertisement (ad) is clicked irrespective of how many times your ad was served.

Furthermore, we can help you target your advertisement to show only to people say in Abuja or Port-Harcourt if that is where your market is.

We can also prepare your ads to show only to people within a certain age group on the web, or even a particular sex only.

Talk to us to help you advertise on the web to reach your target audience across Nigeria.


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